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Shows & Concerts:

Aryeh & Lisa, Legends of the Celtic Harp, Women of Windham Hill Solstice
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Duo Show

Lisa and Aryeh teamed up in 2007 for a midWest tour and have been performing together ever since. Their musical program engages the audience with heartwarming music, both original and traditional. Their shows are enjoyed not just for the captivating music and wide ranging styles of material and instruments, but also for their interactive nature, telling often quite humurous stories about their long running musical careers and give the audience a peak behind the scenes look of the life and times of a full time working musician.



Legends of the Celtic Harp with Patrick Ball

Three of the premier Celtic harpers in the world will take you deep into the myths, magic and fabled history of this most captivating instrument. "A richly theatrical and hauntingly beautiful performance."

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Legends of the Celtic Harp is available for bookings . If you are interested in hosting a performance or workshop, or have a suggestion for theater locations please let us know:

About Patrick Ball:

Patrick Ball - Wire strung harp and Spoken Word
Patrick is one of the premier Celtic harp players in the world and a captivating spoken word artist. He has recorded nine instrumental and three spoken word albums which have sold well over a half million copies internationally, winning national awards in both the music and spoken word categories. Patrick’s critically acclaimed concerts and solo theatrical productions have toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK, and have been awarded grants by the California Arts Council and the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Association. His passion for the oral tradition of Irish storytelling and his love of the wire-strung Celtic harp have made Patrick Ball one of the most beloved performers in Folk music today.

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New World String Project

The New World String Project is a collaboriation that presents extraordinary instruments and heartwarming music rooted in the Nordic and Celtic traditions. John Weed (fiddle), Aryeh Frankfurter (nyckelharpa, Celtic harp) Lisa Lynne (cittern, Celtic harp) and Stuart Mason (guizouki, guitar). 


Four highly skilled and well known multi-instrumentalists have joined forces to create an exciting weave of music rooted in the Celtic, Nordic and American folk traditions. Ancient and modern sounds mingle freely on Swedish nyckelharpa, Celtic harp, fiddle, guitar, cittern, guizouki, and more. Join the New World String Project for an evening of unconventional folk music that will shake your boots, uplift your spirit and warm your heart.

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