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Thank you so very much for performing at the Fortuna Concert Series. Everyone was so pleased with your performance! You played extraordinary music and were both very professional, talented artists! - Simon Rios, President Fortuna Concert Series


A magical exquisite performance. We would host these exceptional musicians anytime.  - Steve Crimmel, The Painted Sky Concert Series.


Of our 12 acts of this season, Aryeh and Lisa were the only act to receive a standing ovation before intermission, and the only act that moved the audience to tears.  I recommended them to Chip Lusby who also sponsored them, commenting later to me that they were superior to anything he could remember featuring.  Lisa and Aryeh are professional, responsable, and inspirational.  - Gordon Rowland, Guitarwork Concert Series

Thank you again for gracing our stage and filling our hearts! You are both magnificent people, and we are all glowing from the show last night. Your gracious sharing of the harp opened doors, created possibilities, for a number of people. What excellent fortune brought us together. So much gratitude going out! - Kitty and Creek Norris, Willits Community Playhouse


Again we thank you for gracing our little place with your wonderful presence and music.  I'm forwarding a letter we received from local harper in attendance last night.  I think it reflects the feelings of most if not all who were there.... it was an evening to cherish and remember.  Needless to say, you (either, both, or any ensemble!) will always be MORE than welcome in our space.  So thank you again - Peter and Nadia, Traveling Bohemian (Redding, Ca)


I want to thank you again for sending me the notice of tonight's concert. I have attended many harp concerts over the years.... classical, jazz, folk, Latin, Medieval, etc. All have been good and enjoyable - even wonderful. But there are those times when the music is exquisite. The musicians seem to just meld with one another in unison yet diverse. The music takes on a quality almost sacred where one feels touched by the heart of God through the musician’s unique combination of rhythm, harmony and sounds. Music can touch the heart in a way nothing else can. It bypasses the brain bringing beauty and life and hope in the midst of sorrow and loss in a troubled world.Tonight was such as night. The music was beautiful. It was exquisite. It soothed my heart. I was not in a hospital ward, I was in the third row back, fourth seat over - and yet it brought healing. Tonight was a gift. It was my turn to listen and soak in the music. To let it soothe and heal. Lest someone think the experience was unique to me due to my vulnerable emotions – I say no – others experienced it as well. I heard them sigh – almost moan at times - as they listened to and experienced the music. We discussed it amongst ourselves. It was beautiful - for me it was perfect. - Donna Theresa Youngblood


There have been so many people contacting me over the past couple days to thank me for the party but mostly to say over and over "it was a rare treat to hear such gorgeous music played by two immensely talented and fun people!" - Simone St. Clare


That was a magical evening. Everything was perfect and in sync with the heart of the evening, the beautiful music and the beautiful souls that shared their music and their stories with us. I think it completely energized the audience and made us all feel special, included, peaceful, jovial and in fact about a thousand other emotions, ALL OF THEM GOOD! Thank you, Aryeh and Lisa, for this spectacular, generous, irreplaceable evening.


It was an AMAZING evening  Your music is inspiring.  Thank you once again - it was magical.


The voice of each harp awakened me to a new appreciation for Celtic traditional, as well as contemporary harp music. The relationship between harper and harp fed my soul and body.The physical and emotional connection between harper and harp conjured a rainbow of emotions. The spiritual quality of the performance was palpable. I felt I was carried on a river of story and music for days after the concert.


As a presenter, it was a joy to work with an ensemble that was organized, and worked so effectively as a team with us to promote the event. This was our first concert in our new space, and their mentoring, their generosity of time and information, made it easy to create a successful event.


The performance was beautiful, stunning, entertaining, and mesmerizing.  The audience was taken on a musical adventure and the experience was truly amazing.


Beautiful tunes and explained the origins of the music and their varied instruments. Our audience was enthralled with the show. We had promoted the show to a wide "Celtic" oriented audience and we had close to a sold out house of about 170 people which is outstanding in Asheville.


Can't tell you the incredible feedback I received about your concert. Everyone just loved it ... People were so grateful to be able to attend your wonderful performance. So, another YES to you all coming back to the Lowcountry.


Am so glad the program here was so wonderful and wonderfully attended!!  I would love to have you back. Was a beautiful program. Magical music made for an unforgettable afternoon for our standing-room only crowd.


Oh my goodness, I haven't thanked YOU two for such a wonderful experience. Thank you for seeing past the rather dated and humble space and bringing the magic of your music to it. That is what makes it so special - folks like you that will come and share your music with others.

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