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As a multi-instrumentalists, Aryeh and Lisa perform on quite a wide range of instruments: Celtic Harp, Swedish Nyckelharpa, Irish Bazouki, Ukrainian Bandura, Citterns, Guitars and more. The diverse instrumentation creates a diverse, exciting show with constantly changing timbres, tempos, moods and textures.

Swedish Nyckelharpa
("Keyed Fiddle")

The Swedish Nyckelharpa or "keyed fiddle" is an unusual instrument that dates back to at least the 1300s in Sweden, and probably has a hstory much earlier than that. Unusual in the US, it is prevalent in Sweden and has become popular in Europe. Like a violin, it is played with a bow. There are 3 rows of keys which, when tapped, hit one of 3 strings to make different notes. It also has 12 "sympathetic strings" which are not bowed, but rather, resonate sympathetically to create a distinctive ethereal and other-worldly sound. Makers and dealers can be found in Sweden, Germany and France. To learn more about this instrument visit:


Celtic Harp (Irish Folk Harp)

The Celtic harp (Irish harp, folk harp, or Clàrsach), is an ancient instrument whose history dates back to at least 500. B.C.. The national instrument of Ireland it was originally strung with wire and flourished from the 10th -18th centuries. However, it fell into disuse by the early 19th Century. There has been resurgent interest since the mid 20th Century and a new Celtic harp tradition now flourishes. The ancestor to the larger orchestral harp, it differs not only in size, but also because they have pedals. Folk harps lack these pedals and one generally does not change keys during a piece. There are countless websites about the Celtic harp nut one good resources to start is:

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